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About Pete
About Myself
I was born and educated in Zimbabwe (then Southern Rhodesia) afterwhich I attended Unversity of Natal in Durban, South Africa from where I received my B.Sc. in Land Survey.
In between numerous army call-ups I got my Certificates to practise Cadastral Surveying and worked in Zimbabwe running my own practise until the end of 1998 when I got a job offer from some Consultant Engineers/Project Managers in neighbouring Botswana where I have been ever since. Basically we design large Civil Engineering projects and manage them during construction.
My job has been making sure the Contractors build according to design and to prepare the "as-built" drawings on completion of the project.
During these projects I have taught myself everything I know about computer repairs, maintenance, networking, data recovery, virus removal and so on since it is too time consuming to wait for somebody to come miles out to our projects to carry out simple repairs etc
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